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We offer a full service accounting practice.

So we're able to satisfy all your needs in-house, and our ego's aren't too big to call in specialists should we need to.

The services we provide encompass all facets of accounting and compliance requirements for your business including; GST, FBT, tax planning, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, provisional / terminal tax, overseas income, finance proposals, trusts and company formations, and PAYE etc.

Starting out; your new baby

It's an exciting time starting a new business to solve a problem, fulfil a need with a new idea / products, just being better than the competition or taking control so that you are rewarded for your own efforts.

Whatever the reason why you want to start a new business, you need to ensure that you are being backed by accountants that know how to help you sail through the first few bumpy years.

Keeping your business healthy

Just like the human body which needs a good diet, fresh air and plenty of exercise to stay in peak condition, you need to adopt a similar attitude to your business. So even when things are going well, you need to keep taking your vitamins and eating your greens; we act as your good nutrition by making sure that your compliance requirements are kept in check, are timely and accurate.

First Aid; from time to time things go wrong

If you forget an IRD payment or make an error in calculating your payments…don't fret! We have a good relationship with the IRD and know their process for putting things right again.

If you have a history of "forgetting" and making late payments, then we'll probably put you on the naughty step whilst we help you to create the right systems that will work better for you.

Sudden Emergencies; we're here when you need us!

If you're experiencing growing pains, the bank or IRD isn't playing nice, or your cash flow is behaving weirdly, then this can be really stressful! But don't worry – we know exactly what to do!

A growing business can hoover up your cash very quickly from building your stock levels, purchasing plant and equipment, hiring and training new staff etc. We have taken on clients and found that quite often unplanned growth has been funded at the cost of creditors and the IRD. Getting new clients in the door is great and nobody wants to turn business away, so it is important to have scalable systems in place and cash flow projection and reporting to manage where the cash is going. A most unenviable position to be in would be to have loads of forward work, suppliers that have you on stop credit, and the IRD breathing down your neck because you are in arrears.

If your bank is grumbling, we find that usually more communication is the answer. We have good relationships with all the major banks and lending institutions and can supply the correct information to them to satisfy their requirements.

Dealing with the IRD on behalf of our clients is something that we do constantly. If you don't speak their language it can seem pretty daunting, which is where we come in; we know their systems and processes and can speak their lingo to save you shaking in your shoes, breaking out in a cold sweat and giving yourself an ulcer!

Does your business needs a makeover?

During the life of your business, there may come a time when you need to make changes; these could be small subtle tweaks right through to a complete rebrand and change in direction.

There are many reasons why you may find yourself in this situation; perhaps you're bored with your current path, it could be that your business has changed in size (up or down), the people in your life have changed (a business partner, life partner, marriage, divorce, kids), you may have made a change in location, the market could have changed, your products or services have changed, clients expectations have changed, the world has been tipped on its head by a major event and you want to know how to survive...

Whatever the reason, we can help you to define your goals and work together to provide a framework for you to confidently go forward in your new improved business.

Moving On...

When you decide that it's time to get out of your business, it's important to have an exit plan. Like all good plans this doesn't need to be set in concrete, but it could be a senior staff member making a staged buy-out over an extended period of time or as simple as "I'm going to sell in 10 years."

The important part is making sure that you have a plan in place, so that your business is ready when someone else comes along and offers you a large pile of cash to go and lay on a beach somewhere!

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